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Our Staff

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

–Henry Ford


[Dan King]
Dan King
[Dan King]
Rob Mauldin
Vice President

Dan King

President and Principal Architect


University of Idaho
Bachelor of Architecture
Yakima Valley College
Business Administration
Architecture is the outcome of a sequence of research, planning, programming, design, and constructing. Every team member contributes as a creative and/or technical filter. We are interpreters of client’s aspirations and orchestrators of systems, functions, and forms

Rob Mauldin

Vice President and Principal

Architect. NCARB, AIA

Attended Colorado University and apprenticed at Taliesin West, Scottsdale, Arizona, The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture and Taliesin Associated Architects staff member with 6 year Certificate.
I find the Construction Phase of a project the most rewarding and challenging. My experience at Taliesin, and as a Construction Manager, gave me the technical expertise needed on the job site. The ultimate goal is to have a well-built product. That requires teamwork and a thorough understanding of the building process
[Brad King]
Brad King
Junior Principal

Brad King

Junior Principal Architect


University of Cincinnati
Master of Architecture
Georgia Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Science in Architecture
I find most passion in the Pre-design phase of a project. By identifying my Clients' priorities and operational workflows at the start, I am able to create designs that surpass initial expectations.


[Jenshe Allen]
Jenshe Allen
Intern Architect
[Jorge Chavez]
Jorge Chavez
BIM/ 3D Scanning
[Elizabet King]
Elizabet King
Design Director
[Chris Lehi]
Chris Lehi
Senior Contract Administrator
[Megan Poston]
Megan Poston
Project Manager/ Designer
[Tom Rehder]
Tom Rehder
Equipment Planner/
Interior Designer
[Amanda Rockhill]
Amanda Rockhill
[Bailey Spencer]
Bailey Spencer
[Laura Stone]
Laura Stone

We’ve spent over 20 years carefully selecting the best team to deliver the best architectural needs to our clients. An architectural firm needs a dedicated team, and here at 2KM we are proud of not only the wide range of our abilities, but also the quality. We know that flexibility comes from our combined strengths and not from our individual ones.